1a. Documenting Changes

One of the most important functions of HR administration is to make sure that information and records are up-to-date.

This starts with making sure the contract has been issued and that the employee provides all the required information (see new starters).

It then means documenting any changes that happen during employment. This could include any manner of changes and some of the most common changes are summarised below.

In the Templates section, you will find template forms and letters to help you document these: Changes in terms of employment

There will be variations and changes in an employee terms (contract) of employment throughout their employment. These will include: a salary increase

a change in position e.g. a promotion

a change of working hours, e.g. following...

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This section looks at why it is important to document any changes during employment. Changes can include anything from a promotion, salary increase or hours of work. All changes should be documented to ensure records are correct and to avoid misunderstandings.

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